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Your path to ambulant courses of treatment at the spa (Only applicable for persons with german health insurance)

  1. Arrange an appointment with your GP
  2. The GP will issue an application to your health insurance.
  3. Application will be verified and approved.
  4. Should the application be refused apply for an objection through your GP.
  5. Then book a room at the Schweizer Hof for the approved period.
  6. On  arrival at the hotel arrange an appointment with the bath doctor (ideally before travel date)
  7. The doctor at the baths will prescribe the treatments which are then coordinated by our therapy pratice.
  8. Treatments will be carried out in Physiocenter Gessner.

We wish you a successful cure!

Physiocenter Gessner
Appointments for Physiotherapy + 49 (0) 8531/21224

Please confirm your weekend physiotherapy appointments at least 14 days before arrival.