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Wellness im Hotel Schweizer Hof in Bad Füssing
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Sauna in Bad Füssing

Holiday for body and soul

Relax and refuel  in preparation for the next day. Enjoy a sauna in our luxurious sauna area, one of the largest in Bad Füssing, with a choice of 5 different cabins for your personal wellbeing programme.

Overview Wellness World

One of the largest in Bad Füssing

Wellness-Welt vom Hotel Schweizer Hof in Bad Füssing


Our Sauna world is open:

From October to April: daily from 1pm till 9pm;
From May to September: daily from 3 pm till 9pm.

  1. Finnish sauna (up to 110°C)
    Especially effective in the cooler seasons, prevents colds
  2. Heusud sauna (ca. 70°C)
    Activates the metabolism, prevents daily stress
  3. Flower laconium with coloured lighting and herbs stimulation (40°C-60°C) Colours are living forces and source of strength. It is regarded as a beauty bath, strengthens resistance and is preventive as well as vitalising.
  4. Amethyst steam bath (45°C) Air enriched with steam, for irritated respiratory tracts and rheumatic complaints.
  5. Maritime climate cabin with original sea salt from Brittany. (unique in East Bavaria). A 20 minute session is equivalent to a 3 hour walk along the seafront with sea spray in your face. Used to treat various complaints e.g. respiratory problems, sleeping problems, allegies etc.
  6. Rest room with infrared warmth loungers
  7. Whirlpool with winter garden
  8. „Room of the senses“ with waterbeds held at a pleasant temperature
  9. Spa water fountain with cooled thermal water
  10. Plunge pool
  11. Kneipp indoor pool
  12. Various adventure snail showers with coloured lighting, scents and music
  13. Solarium
  14. Sun terrace
  15. Meditation and fitness room