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Thermalbad im Hotel Schweizer Hof in Bad Füssing
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Thermal bath in Bad Füssing

Thermal water at the Schweizer Hof: Space - Retreat - Vitality - Warmth

In the heart of Schweizer Hof you will find our house own  thermal bath, where you can experience all the above. The use of the baths are exclusive for hotel guests. There is also an infra red cabin to revitalize your immune system.

Our thermal excercise bath, the most modern in Bad Füssing, is fed with state recognised, sulpher thermal water from the original source of the thermal baths I and is held at a temperature of 37°C.

Our thermal excercise bath is open daily from 7 am till 9pm.


It is obtained from a depth of 1,000m and is known for its well being and healing properties.

And: The water is gained from one of the few sources that are suitable for drinking. The water stimulates the metabolism, helps the digestion and is ideal for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Dive into the source of life!

The therapeutic effect of thermal mineral movement baths.

The Bad Füssing thermal water has a soothing, relaxing and regenerating effect due to its composition. The sulfide sulfur content has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is particularly in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such. Spinal disorders, disc damage, chronic inflammatory processes in the vertebral joints, rheumatic diseases (both joint and muscular rheumatism), surgical follow-up treatments, e.g. Condition after fractures or condition after various operations, important.

The Bad Füssinger water has a pH which is almost in a neutral range. In addition to sulfur, our water contains several minerals in water-dissolved form, eg. As saline, which benefits skin diseases such as psoriasis and several allergic skin disorders.

Metabolic diseases, circulatory disorders, nervous disorders and gynecological diseases are also part of the therapeutic spectrum of thermal water.

Although the mechanism of action has not been scientifically proven, it is believed that the minerals dissolved in the water penetrate through the pores of the skin into the capillaries that are under the skin and are thus in the systemic circulation of the body as soon as the patients recover in the thermal water z. B. Sulfur is located in the bone structures, so that the bone cells are held together by the sulfur bridges and the bath Füssinger sulfur has a regenerative effect on joints and anti-inflammatory or decongestant).


Severe cardiovascular disease, uncontrollable elevated blood pressure, time within nine months of acute myocardial infarction and stroke.

Proper use of thermal water

For hygienic reasons, one should take a shower before entering the bathroom. The stay in the thermal water should amount to more than 35 ° C a maximum of 20 minutes. This time is sufficient to allow the body to exchange minerals in the water.

If this time is exceeded too much, most of the blood accumulates in the abdominal and chest area, so that the risk of life-threatening diseases, such as stroke, heart attack or circulatory collapse increases significantly.

After bathing should be showered in any case plenty. As long as no soap, shower gel or shampoo is used, the minerals remain on the skin. Showering after bathing is very important as we use chlorine as a disinfectant for hygienic and legal reasons. This chlorine must be washed off after bathing to avoid possible skin reactions.