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Gesundheit im Hotel Schweizer Hof in Bad Füssing
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Wellness in Bad Füssing

A healthy, relaxing stay in the **** Hotel Schweizer Hof Bad Füssing

Are you looking for a health-oriented hotel? Then the Hotel Schweizer Hof is certainly the right one for you: in the heart of Bad Füssing, yet quietly located on the famous Hainbuchenallee.

Here you will find everything you need for your stay: our own Thermalbewegungsbad with thermal water from the source, a wonderfully luxurious spa and sauna area with different saunas to relax and unwind, comfortable rooms and suites with very appealing ambience, even a villa with a heated bathrobe.

Already in the telephone contact with the hotel the extremely friendly ladies at the reception help you with the room reservation. You can book your stay in the hotel with breakfast or with a 4-course gourmet half-board in the evening. The evening menu, which is prepared fresh daily, you can choose from three different main courses.

Arrived at the hotel you will be warmly welcomed and feel welcome and cared for.

The pleasantly warm thermal water promotes the mobility of your joints and the visits to the Mediterranean wellness and sauna landscape will relax you wonderfully and give you strength again. You can do a great deal for your health and your provision at this hotel.

The guests have at their disposal three drinking fountains with healthy thermal mineral water for the prevention of osteoprosis as well as for the stimulation of the metabolism. In addition, there are jugs of thermal water in the hotel lobby, which are used to promote health with various stones (rock crystal, amethyst, rose quartz).

Not to forget: the hotel has two hot whirlpools with thermal water.

In general, a great deal is done here with the various facilities such as underwater gymnastics, fitness and exercise program as well as natural mud and massage practice, cosmetics, Ayurveda, hot stone applications for the preservation of the health of the guests.

You will feel that you will already feel fresher, more attractive and healthier during your stay.

For applications on the weekend in physiotherapy we ask at least 14 days before arrival for your binding registration.

Doctor´s Practice

Our in-house doctors´practice is available for medical matters. The practice can be reached at the following telephone numbers +49(0) 8531/91 09 620 or +49(0) 8531/98 01 86

Therapeutic spectrum

  • All types of courses of treatment
  • GP services
  • Natural healing services
    • Acupuncture
    • Neural therapy
    • Laser therapy
    • Oxygen multi-step therapy
    • Ozone treatment
    • Pulsating Trigon Signal therapy
    • Thymus gland therapy
    • Asian courses of treatment ( named after Prof. Anna Aslan)
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Nutritionist
  • Pain management therapy
Thermalbad im Hotel Schweizer Hof in Bad Füssing

Thermal bath

Breathing room, retreat, vitality, warmth

In the heart of Schweizer Hof you will find our house own  thermal bath, where you can experience ...

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Wellness im Hotel Schweizer Hof in Bad Füssing

Sauna / Wellness world

Holiday for body and soul

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Physiocenter Gessner

Physio Center

Your way to the ambulatory spa treatment

Make an appointment with your GP, who will make a written application to your health insurance ...

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Massage und Kosmetik im Hotel in Bad Füssing

Massages / cosmetics

Offers at the Hotel Schweizer Hof

Classic massages and physiotherapy, physiotherapy treatments, special applications, ...

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Doctor´s Practice

Therapeutic spectrum

All medical services, primary care, naturopathic services, shock wave therapy, ...

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